DMFT is Govt Authority: Eligible for GST Exemption, says GST Council

DMFT is Govt Authority - Eligible for GST Exemption - GST Council - TAXSCAN

The 52nd Goods and Service Tax (GST) council convened today has clarified that District Mineral Foundations Trusts (DMFT) setup by the state government across the country in mineral mining areas are the government authorities.

The Mines and Minerals Development Regulation Amendment Act, 2015 in India authorised the creation of the District Mineral Foundation (DMF), a trust. High priority sectors such as access to clean drinking water and sanitary conditions, healthcare, education, pollution prevention, environmental preservation, the welfare of women and children, the elderly and the disabled, and skill development have received DMF funding.

It is also clarified through the GST council that the District Mineral Foundations Trusts are government authorities and are eligible for the same exemptions from GST as available to any other Governmental Authority.

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