DRI arrests Two Handlers in Gold Smuggling Operation in Ahmedabad; 4 kg Gold Seized worth ₹2.59 Crore

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The Mumbai Zonal Unit of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence ( DRI ) has arrested two individuals believed to be instrumental handlers within the gold smuggling network. The arrest took place at a hotel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, following the seizure of 4 kg of illicit gold, valued at ₹2.59 crore, at the Mumbai International Airport on January 16.

The gold confiscation occurred at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport ( CSMIA ) from two passengers arriving from Saudi Arabia. The subsequent operation conducted by the DRI Mumbai Zonal Unit on Wednesday led to the arrest of the suspected handlers, marking a strategic follow-up to the initial investigation.

According to insider information from the DRI, the arrested individuals played vital roles in overseeing both the carriers and receivers involved in the gold smuggling operation. Identified as key links in the supply chain, they were responsible for orchestrating the movement of the contraband.

During the arrest, one of the handlers was found in possession of ₹5.21 lakh, suspected to be the proceeds from the smuggled gold. Following the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962, the amount was promptly seized.

Post their apprehension in Ahmedabad, the handlers were transported to Mumbai on a transit remand. After undergoing a detailed examination in the custody of the DRI, both individuals were presented before a city court on Thursday and subsequently remanded to judicial custody.

This successful operation by the DRI has unveiled multiple layers of the gold smuggling syndicate, and the agency is actively pursuing leads to comprehensively dismantle the network. A reliable source from the DRI confirmed that six individuals, including those from Mumbai and Ahmedabad, have been arrested in connection with this case. The ongoing investigative efforts aim to trace and eliminate all potential links in the syndicate, marking a substantial step towards curbing illicit activities associated with gold smuggling.

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