Jammu & Kashmir Tax Dept extends VAT Settlement Scheme to November

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The Finance department of Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday granted a one-month extension to the traders for settlement of unresolved issues under the old VAT regime.

According to an order by the department, the new date of clearing all dues is November 14 from the earlier October 14.

“It is hereby ordered that the due date of depositing first instalment as per the provisions of the scheme prescribed vide Government Order No. 39-FD of 2018 dated February 5, 2018, read with Government order numbers 169 FD of 2018 dated March 28, , 247 FD of 2018 dated May 17, 304-FD of 2018 dated July 12, , 358-FD of 2018 Dated, August 14, and No. 392-FD of 2018 Dated September  14, is granted final extension by a period of 30 days,” the order reads.

The due and final date of depositing the first installment shall now be November 14. The terms and conditions as prescribed in Government Order No. 39-FD of 2018 dated February 5, however, remain same for the filing of remaining installments.