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A term insurance premium calculator is a tool that is freely accessible via online platforms and helps calculate the approximate monthly or annual premium that a policyholder needs to pay towards the policy. Term insurance is the most common and simple life insurance tool available for all in the market. Also, the policyholder needs to make the payment in the form of a premium in exchange for life coverage offered by the policy. Several factors influence the premium rate of the policy. Therefore, to help you calculate the premium policy rate, the term insurance premium calculator is the most viable choice.

Term Insurance and Mortality Rate

Term insurance has advantages that must be understood before using the term insurance premium calculator. One such important point is the mortality charge. When purchasing the life insurance policy, the insurer charges a certain rate of expense coverage, ensuring insurance security in case of an unforeseen event like death. The charged price is called the mortality rate. The mortality rate can be estimated based on the standard mortality charges. Usually, these rates are lesser for young and healthy individuals who do not work a high-risk job. The premium rates for term insurance vary with the age of the policyholder.

Benefits of the Term Insurance Calculator

A term insurance premium calculator is needed if you are looking for the best-suited plan for you. While purchasing the term insurance, compare plans to make the best choice. And figure out the best term insurance plan aligned with your needs. Some of the major benefits offered by the term insurance premium calculator are as below:

  • Time effective: The term insurance premium calculator helps save your precious time as there is no need to submit a long list of documents to receive premium quotes.
  • Comparison of plans: A term insurance premium calculator is the only tool in India providing an option for comparing term plans offered by various insurance companies on a singular platform.
  • Easy budgeting: With several insurers with term insurance plans, it won’t be easy to get a clear idea of the premium one needs to pay for the term insurance. With a term plan, premium calculator budgeting becomes simplified with a clarity of the required premium.
  • A better understanding of coverage: A term insurance premium calculator provides an estimate of the term coverage that helps fulfil the family’s financial requirements and liabilities.
  • Cost-efficiency: Several offers are available for people who wish to buy insurance online.
  • Aids in financial planning: The term insurance premium calculator helps estimate the premium that needs to be immediately paid.

Term Insurance Plan Premium and Its Calculation

Today, getting a hold of a term insurance plan is extremely important and paying the policy premium is equally important to avail of the continuous and complete benefits of the policy. The policyholder can pay the policy premium in different ways, i.e., yearly, quarterly, half-yearly and monthly. The policyholder can use a term life insurance calculator to get an idea of the approximate premium amount.

The term insurance policy’s premium rate is calculated per the choice of plan and the applicant’s credentials. Most commonly, the premium rate for the young policy buyers is low compared to individuals in their 50s. This is because young policyholders are considered fit and tend to pose a lower risk for the insurer compared to the age of the insurance buyer.

Best Term Insurance Premium Calculator - taxscan

Steps to Use the Term Life Insurance Calculator

Here are some simple steps which take no longer than 10 minutes to calculate the term life insurance with the help of the term life insurance calculator.

  • Enter your data

The policy buyer needs to enter personal information like the date of birth, marital status, gender, annual income, the number of children and life coverage.

  • Enter the desirable sum of the assured amount

You will then need to enter the sum assured as desired and the years you want it for. Clarification would also be required regarding how you would like your family to receive the one-time money.

  • Enter the estimated increase in annual income

With the increase in age, the income of the individual also increases. The individual will then need to fill the annual increase in income as estimated to make the right projection using the term insurance premium calculator.

  • Systematic comparison of plans

The online term life insurance calculator helps recommend some of the best plans as per the previously filled-in details for a systematic comparison of plans.

On a Parting Note

The term insurance premium calculator is a specifically designed tool that helps determine the actual premium amount required to pay the insurer for the term life coverage. With the availability of a huge number of term life insurance policies in India, a term insurance premium calculator facilitates hassle-free comparison of plans, ultimately helping make the best insurance choice.

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