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Parliament clears Bill to Ban E-Cigarettes [Read Bill]

The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha has passed a bill to ban E-Cigarettes, i.e, The Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes (Production, Manufacture, Import, Export, Transport, Sale, Distribution, Storage and Advertisement) Ordinance, 2019. Electronic-cigarettes are battery-operated devices...

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Budget Session 2018 of Parliament concludes

The Budget Session, 2018 of Parliament which commenced on Monday, 29th January 2018 has been adjourned sine die today i.e. Friday, the 6th April 2018. In between both parts of the session, both Houses also adjourned for recess for...

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Key Takeaways from Finance Act 2018

As the Government has notified the Finance Act 2018 which will be applicable from the very first day of the coming financial year, the following are some key takeaways from the Act. Following are the...

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