UAE introduces new version of eDirham system to pay Taxes

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The United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) has introduced the new version of eDirham system to pay Taxes.

UAE tax registrants have until October 31 to register with the latest version of the eDirham platform, the Federal Tax Authority said.

The FTA said it completed its preparations to join the third generation eDirham system, which was launched last month by the Ministry of Finance to collect state fees and revenues.

“The authority began implementing the transition plan for the current month of October to enable all tax registrants to make a swift and easy switch to process their tax payments,” the FTA said in a statement

“This replaces the old version of the eDirham, which will be suspended and will not be available to use for the authority’s transactions from the beginning of November 2020.”

The FTA said the new version of the payment system had been enabled for excise tax registrants, who could begin making payments from this week. However, value-added tax (VAT) registrants will not be able to process payments until the beginning of November.These infrastructures provide an easy, safe and smooth movement of money and financial assets, thereby enhancing confidence in financial transactions locally and with all countries of the world.”

According to the FTA, excise tax registrants will be able to complete their transactions easily by downloading the eDirham Instant Mubasher app on their smartphones without the need for bank cards.

Registrants who have accounts with banks that are participating in providing the eDirham service can link their accounts to the app to complete their payments, the FTA added.

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