Top 10 GST News  of Last Week

18% GST payable on Construction Services  for Projects which  are affordable  Housing Projects

12% GST on Services of Repairs, Maintenance, Renovation, Alterations of Residential Complex meant for Railway Employees

Supply of Sealed Fruit Bowl containing only Cut Fresh Fruits without addition of any preservatives or additives attracts 5% GST

18% GST payable on Cost of Diesel incurred for Running DG Set in the Course of providing DG Rental Service

Letting out of Compressors for Pumping of Water from Borewells to Agricultural field is not ‘Support Service for Agriculture

12% GST not applicable on Supply of Tissue Papers

18% GST payable on Supply of Vouchers

Ready-to-Use Powder Mixes to  attract 18% GST

No GST payable  on Supply of  Non-Purified Water