Withdrawal of 2000 Rupee Notes from Circulation:


You can still use the 2000 Rupee Notes, even after September 30, 2023

You cannot use Rs. 2000 Notes after Septmber 30, 2023

Rs. 2000 is still Legal Tender, the money which can be legally used to make payments of debts or other obligations. You can still make payments and purchases with the same.

Rs. 2000 is no longer legal, like the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 earlier. 

The exchange of the withdrawn currency can be done free of cost at your nearest bank.

There is a fee/fine for the exchange of 2000 Rupee Notes

No, it is only an exchange of Rs. 2000 notes to smaller denominations and gradual withdrawal of Rs. 2000 notes from circulation.

2000 Rupee Note is demonetized.

You cannot deposit more than Rs. 20000 in 2000 Rupee notes in a Day. 

You can deposit as per the normal limits. Exchange is different from Demonetization.

You can only exchange the 2000 Rupee notes in the Banks you hold an account with.

You can exchange Rs. 2000 notes at any bank regardless of your account holding status.