Why do people prefer IAS over other professions when a Chartered Accountant compares his profession with an IAS’s salary?

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A recent X ( previously known as Twitter ) dispute was started by a tweet made by a chartered accountant. Despite the CA’s higher pay range, he wrote in his piece that he does not understand why people choose the Indian Administrative Service ( IAS ) over it.

There were some who supported his message despite the fact that many others opposed it, saying the IAS is all about “power and respect.” On his official Twitter account, CA Chirag Chauhan stated, “The starting salary of a CA is the average salary of an IAS.” Why is IAS preferred by people? He included a picture of the salary division of an IAS officer with the tweet.

The post was published on April 17, 2024. The share has had over 7.5 lakh views since it was tweeted, and that number keeps rising. Over 2,400 people have liked the post. In reaction to the share, other people made different responses.

An IAS official is in charge of the district or state’s administration after being chosen. The position necessitates the ability to make , solve problems, and engage with others. However, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ) offers professional CA education.

Both exams are conducted through three stages and also the syllabus of the both exams are vast and covers wide ranges of topics .However the Syllabus of Civil Service Examinations is higher than that of CA exam. Although the Chartered Accountant exam is conducted by ICAI. In case of CSE the exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commision ( UPSC ).

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