Govt Releases Comparative Chart on Rates of Goods & Services under GST & Haryana VAT Acts

GST Rates -AAR

In an attempt to know whether the newly implemented Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a boon or bane to the country, the Government recently released a comparative chart of rates under both GST and Haryana VAT Acts.

The comparative chart shows a remarkable change in the price of cereals and products, egg, milk products etc. all these products became cheaper under the new tax regime.

However, the price of meat and fish became higher while comparing to the old tax rates.

With regard to the clothing and footwares, though there is no much change in textiles and ready mades, the rates for  textiles above 1000 rupees has been increased.

Though GST has not affected the electricity, the rates of Gas fuel and petroleum gas are increased.

Coming to the service sector, the education sector remained unaffected by the new law. However, transport and communication, personal care and effects etc has become more expensive under the new law.