Apology for Incorrect Reporting

Apology - Incorrect- Reporting-TAXSCAN

It has come to our attention that a news article regarding a disciplinary action against a chartered accountant was reported at taxscan.in with inaccurate particulars.

Unintentionally, the name of the complainant was mentioned in the story in place of that of the respondent.

We recognise that the individual whose name was wrongly mentioned in our news report is a Government Official holding a decorated position in the Income Tax Department. We apologize to Shri V Srivijay, Deputy Director of Income Tax (Inv.)/ Unit III (3), Direct Tax Building, Visakhapatnam for wrongfully mentioning his name in the story.

We would also like to clarify that there was no ill-will or intention to knowingly defame the position or the person holding the position and hold a great amount of respect towards the department and its officials.

Further, we request the readers to view the corrected version of the story.

We have taken immediate action to correct the inadvertent error in the story, and the corrected version is now live on our website at: CA fails to Exercise Due Diligence While Certifying Form 15CB: ICAI suspends CA for Two Years

We understand that an apology alone cannot undo the unintended harm caused, but kindly know that we are committed to learning from our mistakes and improving our processes to prevent such errors from occurring in the future. We will be conducting a thorough review of our editorial procedures to identify areas where we can enhance accuracy and avoid such missteps in our reporting.

We apologize with a deep sense of regret for the inadvertent error that had crept in and assure that necessary steps will be taken to prevent any such inaccurate reporting from our side in the future.

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