Bombay HC permits Company to visit their premises to Obtain Records amid COVID-19 Lockdown

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The High Court of Bombay granted permission to the Sapphire Foods, the petitioner Company to visit their premises of its own company to obtain records amid COVID-19 Lockdown for the purpose of submitting the same before the authorities.

Although several reminders have been issued by the respondent-authority from time to time, the petitioner has not submitted the information.

The petitioner contended that some of the information is already furnished. The rest of the information can be submitted by the petitioner visiting the office premises of the petitioner.

On the other hand, the respondent contended that the information has not been submitted by the petitioner through several reminders have been issued by the authority from time to time.

“After all such information is submitted by the petitioner, the authority will take at least 30 days’ time to submit a report,” the counsel for the respondent-authority said.

The division bench of Justice Ajay Ahuja and Justice R.D. Dhanuka ordered the petitioner to furnish all such information, not furnished so far, on or before 8th June 2020. The petitioner would be at liberty to visit the office premises of the petitioner and to collect all such information, if any, with the assistance of the necessary staff.

“It is made clear that if any such permission is required to visit the office premises of the petitioner from the concerned police station, such permission shall be granted to the petitioner and its staff with such conditions as it deems fit. It is made clear that no further extension of time would be granted to the petitioner to furnish such information. No coercive steps shall be taken against the petitioner till 10th June 2020 by the respondent no.1 for not furnishing information. After such information is furnished, the respondents shall prepare a report within the time prescribed i.e. up to 30th June 2020.” the bench said.

Editor’s Note: We have published this Incorrectly earlier. We have rectified the error and We apologize for the same.

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