Breaking Client-Confidentiality: Mumbai Police arrests CA in Defamation Case for giving Confidential Documents to Post on X

Mumbai CA Arrested by Police for Breach of Client Confidentiality in Defamation Case by Providing Documents for X Post
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In a recent development, a Chartered Accountant based in Mumbai, has been apprehended by the Mumbai police’s Crime Intelligence Unit ( CIU ). Jain is accused of supplying documents to an undisclosed individual who subsequently posted defamatory content on a social media platform, alleging that companies associated with a prominent industrialist engaged in an illicit deposit of ₹3,000 crore.

The CA identified is alleged to have provided the documents, which were then utilized to forge bank statements, leading to the defamation of the implicated company.

The arrest comes as part of an ongoing investigation into a case where an unidentified person, operating under the username @satya_karmaa on the platform ‘X,’ maliciously forged bank statements between October 2023 and December 2023.

The individual implicated the industrialist-related firms in the alleged financial misconduct, tagging an online newspaper to amplify the impact. The police have emphasized that the accused intentionally concealed his identity to tarnish the personal and social reputation of the complainant.

The arrested CA, appeared in court on Sunday and has been remanded to police custody until January 30. The Mumbai police is actively searching for the person responsible for the defamatory post.

The genesis of the case dates back to December when one of the firm’s partners discovered the malicious social media post. Following this revelation, an FIR was filed at the South Cyber police station, citing charges of cheating, forgery, destruction of evidence, and other relevant sections of the IPC and IT Act.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the bank statement of the affected firm had been obtained without authorization, and an unknown individual had disseminated the manipulated data on social media with the explicit intent of undermining the firm’s business credit. Further allegations suggest that the arrested CA, received the bank statement from an employee of the implicated bank and exploited the information for financial gain.

As the investigation progresses, the police have not uncovered any evidence implicating other industrialists’ firms or the complainant’s firm in the alleged financial misconduct. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding case.

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