CA Election: ICAI allows Option to get Polling Booth Re-Allotted

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has allowed Option to get Polling Booth Re-Allotted.

Each member of the Institute whose name is borne in the List of Voters as on 1st April, 2021 is entitled to cast his vote in the ensuing elections to the Council of the Institute and Regional Council concerned to be held on 3rd and 4th December 2021.

“The polling booth is determined according to the professional address of the member recorded with the Institute and as published in the List of Voters-2021. A member can know his/her allotted polling booth by visiting the link,” the ICAI announced.

The amended rules provide that the Voters, who are entitled to vote by poll shall have the option to choose for a polling booth in the same/different city within the same constituency (Rule 5) or to a polling in another city outside one’s own regional constituency [Rule 6(2)] due to change in his/her professional address published in the List of Voters or expected to be away from his/her professional address on the day of polling.

Online filing of request forms for change of polling booths in the same constituency (Rule 5) or in a city beyond one’s own constituency [Rule 6(2)] has been developed. Click on the URL ( for submitting the request form as early as possible but latest by 11th November 2021 if the desired change is to a polling in a city beyond one’s own constituency and 18th November 2021 if the desired change is to a different polling booth in the same city/different city within one’s own constituency.

The last date to file online request is 18th November 2021 for polling booth located within same regional Constituency (Rule 5) and 11th November 2021 – polling in a different city outside one’s own Regional Constituency [Rule 6(2)]

However, it has been clarified that the Voter is merely being given an opportunity to cast his/her vote to a more convenient polling booth and he/she shall continue to be a voter of his/her own regional constituency.

In other words, a voter of Northern Region is allotted polling booth in New Delhi and opts for polling say at Mumbai, his/her polling booth will be re-allotted in Mumbai city but he/she shall be given the ballot papers of 25th Council from Northern India Regional Constituency and 24th Northern India Regional Council at the polling booth in Mumbai city.

Every effort will be made to re-allot the centrally located polling booth in a place/city, however, the same cannot be assured due to various exigencies involved in the elections process.

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