Chartered Accountant Vacancy in EDII

Chartered Accountant Vacancy in EDII

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Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) has invited applications for the position of Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India is an autonomous body and not-for-profit institute located Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Established in 1983, the institute offers master’s degree programmes in Entrepreneurship, a fellowship programme and a number of entrepreneurship training programmes.

Education : CA/ MBA Finance/M. Com

Experience & Skills

  • For CA/ MBA (Finance) a total of 10 years of relevant experience.
  • For M. Com a total of 13 years of relevant experience
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Command on English & Hindi. Working knowledge of Gujarati is desirable.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Financial Software.

Roles and responsibilities

The incumbent is expected to ensure smooth functioning of the Finance and Accounts department of the Institute under the instructions, guidance, and supervision of CFO and Director-General.  The incumbent is expected to keep reporting to CFO and Director-General on a very regular basis to apprise them regarding critical and important issues of the Finance and Accounts Department for their information and suitable guidance, instructions, and orders.

The indicative list of important tasks of Dy. CFO includes:


  • To undertake and carry out all necessary responsibilities with accountability for maintaining and finalizing accounts of the institute with all its subsidiaries or affiliated entities.  This inter-alia will include:
  • To maintain the books of accounts and ensure its correctness.
  • To design, develop, modify whenever necessary the prudent and fair accounting procedures and processes.
  • To maintain and preserve all accounting related documents, records, registers, notes, drives, and any other such materials.
  • To design, develop, operate, modify wherever necessary proper accounting control systems, procedures, processes, reporting, and any other such necessary processes.
  • To maintain and control cash with strong cash control systems, processes, procedures, in place.
  • To design, develop, and implement proper checks and balances in assigning work related to accounting and finance to subordinates to effectively rule out chances of fraud, misappropriation, wrong accounting, or any such acts.
  • To design, develop, implement, and modify the payment authentication systems, processes, procedures, and practices.
  • To design, develop, implement, and modify whenever necessary the Management Information System for correct and fair reporting to Departments, Regional Offices, and Director-General.
  • To regularly report to Director General for his information, directives, suggestions, and orders regarding any matter pertaining to the accounting and accounts department.
  • To prepare and submit financial records, documents, statements, etc. in time for internal auditors and to support the internal auditors in effectively conducting the internal audit.
  • To get the accounts of the Institute audited in time.
  • To maintain the necessary bank accounts of the Institute.
  • To prepare and submit the annual accounts and accounting reports before SFC and Governing Board, on time for their consideration, suggestions, and approval.
  • To carry out all necessary acts needed for smooth, transparent, effective, facilitating, correct, and fault free accounting functions of the Institute including all its subsidiaries and affiliating organizations.


  • To undertake and carry out all responsibilities with accountability to manage the finances of the Institute and all its subsidiaries and affiliates.  This will inter-alia include:
  • To formulate, and implement, after due approval, the investment policy of the Institute in consultation and guidance of Director General/SFC/Governing Body.
  • To optimize risk-adjusted return on the investments of the Institute by carrying out constant review, analysis, and research.
  • To ensure that the investments are in compliance with all norms, rules, laws, restrictions, applicable to the Institute.
  • To ensure adequate liquidity needed to carry out normal operations of the Institute smoothly.
  • To prepare periodic cash budget for effective monitoring and control of cash flows.
  • To monitor and control receivables and payables by developing suitable systems under the instructions of the Director-General.
  • To prepare and submit on time annual budget of the institute to Director General/SFC/Governing Body.
  • To ensure effective, smooth systems for authentication and approval of expenses CFO and/or advances and payment thereof.
  • To design, develop, and implement suitable MIS for the financial position of the Institute.


  • To ensure without fail that the Institute complies with all statutory, regulatory, and legal requirements pertaining to accounts, finance, taxes, returns, statements, forms, reports, etc. on time and without any violation.

The selected candidate may be posted anywhere in the country.  Salary/fee will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Forward your resume by 27th September 2020 indicating your specialization, experience, and expertise. Please specify your current organization along with the details of designation, current salary drawn, and expected salary to:

Location : Ahmedabad

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