Chartered Accountant vacancy in Emcure Pharmaceuticals

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The Emcure Pharmaceuticals has invited applications from interested candidates for the post of Internal Audit.

The Emcure Pharmaceuticals, headquartered at Pune in West India, is an Indian pharmaceutical company. The company’s products include tablets, capsules, and injectables.

Job Description

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for reviewing and assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls as well as reporting on its strategies, policies, and procedures.
  • Working with Sr. Director Finance, CFO liaises with the external auditors regarding audit plans & findings.
  • Ensures adequate quality control framework for internal audit, and monitors the work performed.
  • Responsible for planning audits/activity as per the agreed plan and preparing the audit planning documents.
  • Preparation of risk-based audit plan for the audits to be conducted during the year.
  • Finalizing and defining audit scope after preparation of pre-scoping document which involves identifying key objectives, systems, and regulations related to the audits.
  • Interacting with respective departments and concerned stakeholders for a detailed process walkthrough before initiating actual audit testing.
  • Preparing Risk Assessment document while planning the audit so as to identify major risk areas and define the measures to validate the controls established to mitigate these risks.
  • Prepare and discuss the Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) with the HOD.
  • Plan audit testing strategy and estimate the time for completion of the audit.
  • Review IT support needs for the audit.
  • Ensure that the key controls as documented in the Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) are adequately tested to support the audit conclusions. Validate the audit conclusions with the auditee and ensure factual accuracy. Ensuring completion of audit documentation as per the laid down methodology.
  • Manage and monitor consultant activities in line with defined timelines and output delivery.
  • Directly responsible for timely and effective execution of the audit and preparation of audit report
  • Perform ad-hoc investigations and reviews at the request of the Audit Committee


1 – 3 Years



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