Chartered Accountants Firms to get Registration Number in 24 Hours: ICAI

Chartered Accountants - UDIN

The Professional Development Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has informed that in order to promote the ‘Ease of Business’ among the members, an online facility has been developed for registration of proprietorship firm by Chartered Accountants within 24 hours.

“Any member desiring to establish the proprietorship firm will get options of Firm Names online. From these options, he can select any name and approval of the name so opted will also be given online and Proprietorship Firm will be registered through the system within 24 hours. With this system, manual involvement has been eliminated and hence, would be saving precious time of the members,” The ICAI said in a statement.

ICAI Chief CA Naveen N d Gupta earlier said that “I am happy to inform that our members holding full-time Certificate of Membership, will now face no more manual hurdles in getting the selection, registration and approval of their firm’s name. The complete procedure has been rationalised and made online to save the precious time of our members. Very soon, this service will be launched and functional,”