Commissioner of Customs notifies Streamlining of UQCs in Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills

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The Commissioners of Customs while inviting the attention of the Importers/Exporters, Custom Brokers, Trade, and other stakeholders notified the streamlining of Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) in Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills.

The Board undertook an exercise towards the standardization of Unit Quantity Codes (UQCs) for purposes of export/import declarations filed on EDI.

The Board observed that many importers and exporters use UQCs like BGS, BTL, BOX, CTN, GGR, HPT, KPC, ODD, and DRM, etc. which are neither stipulated in the Customs Tariff Act nor prevalent in the normal business transactions. These nonconvertible/inappropriate UQCs lead to a poor quality of data capture and related implications.

Consequently, as a first measure, declaration of quantities in Statistical UQCs (SQCs) as prescribed under the Tariff Act has been made mandatory in both imports, since Feb 2019 and exports, since Feb 2020 for every item in addition to the quantities declared in the commercial units as per the invoice.

The SQC declarations are being captured in the Single Window table of the Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills.

“In order to further improve data quality, even among the commercial UQCs declared for the items as per the invoice, henceforth only codes as mentioned in the Annexure would be permitted in BEs/SBs. Declarations in any other UQC will not be,” the Public Notice announced.

The changes notified was implemented from 20, August, 2020.

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