Covid-19: Poland announces VAT Relief for School Equipments

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The Education Ministry of Poland announces tax relief for school equipment and the provision of learning platforms. The tax relief propounds 0% VAT rate for donations of laptops and tablets to schools with an intention to support schools, colleges, and other educational institutes that have opted to teach online during the pandemic.

The government wants to make it easy for companies to supply laptops and tablets to schools that will eventually reach the students.

As per the announcement, nil VAT rate would be applicable for donations of laptops and tablets are applicable if they are provided to the  Charitable or educational organizations and the operator of the National Education Network, bodies running schools and institutions, and educational institutions. The Ministry has also advised everyone to use its platform are plenty of study materials available on the platform and almost all of them have open-ended questions or interactive exercises. In addition to this, free internet services and training for teachers are also provided.

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