Customs Dept. issues Advisory on Integration of ECCS with IDPMS / EDPMS of RBI [Read Circular]

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The Customs Department has issued the Advisory on Integration of ECCS with Import Data Processing and Monitoring System (IDPMS) and Export Data Processing and Monitoring System (EDPMS) of RBI.

“The issue of development of a module for integration of ECCS with Import Data Processing and Monitoring System (IDPMS) and Export Data Processing and Monitoring System (EDPMS) of RBI has been raised by stakeholders to comply with the statutory requirements prescribed by RBI,” the Department said.

The IDPMS / EDPMS are IT based systems of RBI for monitoring of import / export transactions respectively, in consultation with the Customs authorities and Authorised Dealer Banks. The IDPMS tracks import transactions through banking system and similarly EDPMS tracks export transactions through banking system, in pursuance of Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and Foreign Exchange Management (Current Account Transaction) Rules, 2000.

“In this regard, the Circular No. 55/2016 – Customs dated 23rd November’ 2016, issued by CBIC. The circular elucidates the necessity of IDPMS / EDPMS of RBI for import and export transactions. The AD code registration is mandatory for the planned ECCS integration with IDPMS / EDPMS and a detailed advisory has been issued by ICEGATE in this regard (copy enclosed),” it added.

The ICEGATE transmits data in respect of BEs & SBs filed in the EDI system to RBI on a daily basis for further processing in IDPMS / EDPMS. But, the data in respect of Courier Bills of entry and Courier Shipping bills is not being transmitted electronically to RBI. The Courier data needs to be transmitted to IDPMS / EDPMS on a daily basis similar to EDI data.

The RBI has desired that the Courier data should be shared with them in the same format and route, as is being done for EDI data. Thus, the CSB/CBE data of ECCS will be shared in the existing file formats that are being used for transfer of EDI SB/BE and the ICEGATE platform to be used for data exchange. The RBI server will further transmit the data to the respective banks based on the AD code provided.

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