DGFT issues Export Authorisation for SCOMET items from New Online Restricted Exports IT Module [Read Notice]

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The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issued the Export Authorisation for Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment, and Technologies (SCOMET) items from the new online Restricted Exports IT Module from August 05, 2021.

The DGFT invited the reference to Trade Notice No. 20 dated February 19, 2016, vide which a module for filing online applications for SCOMET Items to DGFT (HQ) was made operational. Further attention is invited to Trade Notice No. 20 dated July 06, 2018, where issuance of export authorization/license for the export of SCOMET Items was informed for these to be handled at DGFT(HQ).

“As part of IT Revamp of its exporter/importer related services, this Directorate now introduces a new online module for filing of electronic, paperless applications for Export Authorizations for SCOMET Items with effect from August 05, 2021. All applicant exporters seeking export authorization for SCOMET items are advised to apply online by navigating to the DGFT website (https://www.dgft.gov.in) -> Services -> Export Management Systems ->SCOMET,” the DGFT said.

Accordingly, applications for issuance of export authorization of SCOMET items as well as amendment/re-validation thereof will need to be submitted online as per the above link. The SCOMET Cell, DGFT (HQ) will continue to be the nodal point for all issues relating to SCOMET and SCOMET authorizations will continue to be issued from DGFT HQ, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi through the New Online Module w.e.f. August 05, 2021.

The industry may note that all the existing pending applications (as of August 05, 2021) will be automatically migrated to this new system and will be processed as usual at DGFT(HQ).

The processes will also be made available online as part of this new SCOMET Module namely Authorisation for Site Visit by the foreign entity(ies) wants to the Premises of the Indian Manufacturer /exporter; type of IEC to check production processes for SCOMET Export Items; and Post Reporting of Export of SCOMET Items, Software/Technology in various cases namely Export of chemicals permitted to specified countries without authorization, repair and return of imported SCOMET items after repair abroad, return of SCOMET items (imported /indigenous) after demo/display /exhibition/RFP/RFQ/tender, etc, abroad, Stock and Sale, Global Authorisation for Intra-company Transfer (GAICT), and Others, if mandated in export authorizations.

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