DGFT prohibits Import of Air Conditioners with Refrigerants [Read Notification]

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The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) prohibits the import of air conditioners with refrigerants.

The import policy of air conditioners with refrigerants is amended from free to prohibited.

The domestic market of air conditioners is believed to be around $5-6 billion. The government aims to shift focus from importing ACs to manufacturing them domestically. Most ACs are currently imported into the country.

The Union has amended the import policy with the objective to promote domestic manufacturing and reduce import bills of non-essential goods.

As a part of strict trade measures, India has been cutting down on imports from China.

The aim is to increase the indigenous manufacturing of all such equipment to boost self-reliance.  However, a major push behind India’s self-reliant drive was the recent border standoff with China.

Therefore, now India will no longer be able to import air conditioners (ACs) with refrigerants, as the government banned their imports.

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