DPT notifies Appointment of 40 New ITAT Members, comprising 18 Judicial and 22 Accountant Members

The Dept. of Personnel and Training has notified the appointment of 40 new members, consisting of 18 judicial members and 22 accountant members.
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In a significant development, the Government, via Notification No.14/7/2023–EO(SM-II) dated December 19, 2023, has officially disclosed the appointment of 18 Judicial Members and 22 Accountant Members for the esteemed Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT).

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has greenlit these crucial appointments, underscoring a strategic move to strengthen the tribunal’s adjudicative prowess.

The freshly sanctioned appointments mark a substantial reinforcement of the ITAT’s composition, bringing in a total of 40 new members who will play pivotal roles in addressing complex income tax disputes. These appointments, meticulously approved by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, reflect a commitment to enhancing the tribunal’s expertise and ensuring a robust legal framework for tax-related matters.

The Department of Legal Affairs has received the official communication regarding these appointments, setting the stage for a seamless integration of the newly appointed members into their respective roles. The infusion of 18 Judicial Members and 22 Accountant Members is expected to streamline the tribunal’s operations and contribute to expeditious and judicious resolution of income tax appeals.

The Rajya Sabha approved a significant bill on Wednesday, further paving the way for the establishment of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Appellate Tribunals (GSTAT).

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The Central Goods and Services Tax (Second Amendment) Bill of 2023, returned by the House, introduces crucial changes to the appointment terms for tribunal members, imposing a minimum age requirement of 50 for both members and presidents of the tribunal.

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