Error Found in AIS while Filing ITR? Know What to Do for AIS Feedback Submission

AIS Errors and mismatches can be Daunting. Know how to submit AIS Feedback
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What is AIS?

The Annual Information Statement ( AIS ) is a comprehensive record of your financial transactions displayed in Form 26AS. It provides a taxpayer with a clear view of their income details reported by various institutions to the Income Tax Department.

Purpose of AIS:

The AIS serves three main goals:

Transparency: It provides taxpayers with complete information about their income, promoting transparency.

Easy Filing: Pre-filled tax returns based on AIS data ease filing process.

Compliance: By making discrepancies evident, AIS helps taxpayers to accurately report their incomes.

AIS in Income Tax Filing

The AIS acts as a reference point when filing your Income Tax Return ( ITR ). It ensures all your income sources are accounted for and simplifies data entry.

Discrepancies and Clarification:

If there’s a mismatch between AIS information and your ITR, the tax department may request clarification. However, if you haven’t flagged any errors in the AIS, the department might assume its accuracy.

Activity History in AIS

Tracking your actions:

The AIS “Activity History” section allows you to view all your actions related to the AIS feature. Each activity is assigned a unique ID, date, and description for easy reference.

Correcting errors:

Taxpayers have the right to report mistakes in their AIS data. The tax department will verify the information source upon receiving your feedback.

Steps to submit feedback:

    1. Login to the Income Tax e-filing portal.

    2. Go to “Services” and select “Annual Information Statement ( AIS )”.

    3. Identify the incorrect information (TDS/TCS, SFT, or Other Information).

    4. Click “Optional” and choose the reason for your feedback from the provided options.

    5. Submit the feedback.

Confirmation of feedback:

Upon successful submission, the feedback will be displayed along with the information. You’ll also receive an acknowledgment receipt, email, and SMS confirmation.

Most Common Issues and Doubts related to AIS Feedback

What is AIS Consolidated Feedback File ( ACF )?

The ACF allows taxpayers to view all their AIS feedback (except “Information is correct”) in a single, downloadable PDF for convenience.

What happens after submitting feedback?

The feedback is displayed with the information, and both the reported and modified values are visible. The activity history is updated, and you can download an acknowledgment receipt. Additionally, email and SMS confirmations are sent.

Can I modify my feedback?

Currently, there’s no limit on revising previously submitted feedback.

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