EXAMS vs. ELECTIONS: CA Students move Delhi HC seeking postponement of Exams by ICAI amidst Lok Sabha Elections

Students approach Delhi High Court to seek postponement of CA Exams conducted by ICAI to exercise their right to vote while avoiding clashes with examinations
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A group of Chartered Accountancy (CA) students from 16 states and one Union Territory, including differently abled students, have taken a decisive step by approaching the Delhi High Court. Their petition is aimed at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) regarding the scheduling of exams during the upcoming General Election 2024.

Many students have been requesting a rescheduling of the exams. Advocate Anubha Srivastava Sahay, who filed the petition on behalf of the students stated that Several students have requested to reschedule the upcoming exams that coincide with the elections, as many would be unable to vote, which would violate their fundamental right to equality. Every citizen has the right to vote. CA Exams have been postponed in the past due to elections, so why not this year.

The primary concern of the students revolves around the clash between their exam schedule, set from May 2 to 17, and their democratic right to participate in the 18th Lok Sabha General Election. Advocate Anubha Srivastava Sahay, representing the students, emphasized the violation of the fundamental right to equality, highlighting that every citizen has the right to vote.

As the exam dates approach, there is a palpable sense of apprehension among CA aspirants. The potential clash between exam dates and the democratic duty to vote has sparked concerns, with many urging for the exams to be rescheduled.

Despite the growing concerns, ICAI has remained silent on the matter, leaving candidates uncertain. The logistical challenges of traveling to hometowns to vote just before exams have been deemed impractical by many aspiring CAs.

In response to the outcry, candidates have turned to the Election Commission of India (ECI), urging ICAI to reconsider the exam schedule. However, while ICAI has announced partial rescheduling, it has not eased the anxieties of many students.

Students are demanding a postponement of the CA Exams, with social media platforms becoming platforms for their grievances, using hashtags like #PostponeCAExams. They are appealing to prominent figures, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to intervene and ensure a fair exam schedule.

The issue has taken on political dimensions, with accusations of intentional interference with election outcomes. Critics argue that the current measures are inadequate, especially for students from remote areas.

As pressure mounts, the High Court is poised to evaluate the merits of the petition, potentially leading to significant implications for CA students and broader discussions on educational governance and democratic participation in India.

As the debate intensifies, stakeholders advocate for a balanced approach that maintains the integrity of the examination process while safeguarding the democratic rights of students. The possibility of exam postponement remains uncertain, but the calls for fairness and accessibility echo across the nation.

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