Fake GST Officials defraud Betel Nut Trader of Rs. 20k in Fake Raid

Betel Nut Trader Falls Victim to Sham GST Inspection, Culprits Include a Fake Journalist
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In a shocking incident, a gang of impostors masquerading as Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) officials, along with one posing as a journalist, executed a fraudulent raid at Om Trading Company Bhusar Market, duping betel nut trader Mahesh Totamal Daryani of approximately ₹20,000. According to the complaint, the accused arrived at the trader’s office at approximately 1:30 pm, presenting themselves as GST officials conducting a routine inspection for tax compliance.

Daryani, aged 52, filed a complaint at the Market Yard Police Station on Thursday, recounting the elaborate scam that unfolded on February 8. Initially cooperative, Daryani grew suspicious as the fake officials began levying arbitrary fines and penalties for alleged violations during the inspection. “They dressed like officials, and I cooperated with them. However, when they asked to settle dues, I grew suspicious. Why should I pay them when my records are up to date,” stated Daryani.

Realizing something was amiss, Daryani demanded identity cards and authority papers from the impersonators, prompting them to hastily flee the scene. It was later revealed that one of the individuals in the gang was visibly intoxicated.

In an effort to bring the culprits to justice, Daryani promptly alerted fellow traders and office-bearers of the traders’ association. Unfortunately, the accused managed to escape before their arrival. Shockingly, one of the six impostors was posing as a journalist.

During the fraudulent raid, a fake officer confiscated ₹20,000 from a drawer in Daryani’s cabin, claiming it was seized. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed at the shop.

Post-incident, Daryani reported the scam to the GST office, who advised him to file a police complaint. Swapnali Shinde, senior inspector at Market Yard Police Station, assured swift action, stating they will crack the case soon.

Following the incident, traders and their association decided to register a police complaint. A case under Sections 170, 419, 420 of the IPC has been officially filed against the six unidentified individuals at Market Yard Police Station.

Authorities are actively investigating the matter to bring the impostors to justice and prevent similar scams in the future.

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