Four Men Abducts Firm’s CA Amidst Investment losses; Demands Rs. 5 Crores in Ransom

The abduction occurred as a result of a Rs. 15 crore investment loss, where the perpetrators were unable to approach the directors but targeted the Chartered Accountant instead
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A group of 4 individuals resorted to drastic measures, orchestrating the abduction of a Chartered Accountant associated with the organisation deemed responsible for their significant monetary setbacks. Fueled by frustration over their investment downturn, the perpetrators kidnapped the CA, outside his Chandivli office, subsequently transporting him to a farmhouse located in Navi Mumbai.

The account held captive for an agonising 5 days, became the central figure in a ransom demand totaling Rs 5 crore, as the abductors sought to recover their losses through coercive means.

Swiftly responding to the alarming situation, the Powai police successfully executed a rescue operation, freeing the accountant from captivity and apprehending the four individuals involved. The accused demonstrated a meticulous approach in planning the crime, strategically selecting a location devoid of surveillance cameras, utilising a duplicate number plate for their getaway vehicle, and placing ransom calls from various locations.

The abduction was rooted in the financial grievances harboured by the accused, who contended that the CA was directly responsible for losses amounting to Rs. 15 crore. Unable to establish communication with the directors of the investment organisation, the group resorted to closely monitoring the CA’’s routine for nearly a month before executing their plan.

To ensure the safety of the CA, law enforcement mobilised twelve teams, comprising around 65 officers, conducting an extensive search across locations associated with the ransom calls. The complexity of the case was heightened by the fact that the abductors had transferred CA’s SIM card to a new handset for making ransom calls, reported TOI.

The accountant was eventually located and rescued from the farmhouse in Panvel, leading to the apprehension of two of the abductors on January 21. The remaining two individuals were arrested on the subsequent day. The CA, having endured physical assault during his captivity, suffered visible bruises.

As investigations progress, authorities are delving into the origins of the abduction plan, speculating that the accused may have drawn inspiration from web series or TV crime shows. Notably, the inquiry is further complicated by separate FIRs previously filed against the directors of the investment group by Thane and Navi Mumbai police in 2022, introducing an additional layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Among the 4 men, one is an engineer and the other 3 is working in private companies.

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