Fraudulent GST ITC Claims: Noida Sector 20 Police nabs Three, recovers Maserati Car and Five other Luxury Vehicles

Fraudulent GST ITC Claims - Noida Sector - Police nabs Three - recovers Maserati Car - Five other Luxury Vehicles - taxscan

In a joint operation involving officials from the Sector 20 police station and the Noida crime response team, three individuals were apprehended in connection with a ₹10,000 crore GST irregularities case, stated senior police officers.

This arrest is part of ongoing efforts, with over 40 individuals apprehended so far since the case was registered last June. The suspects were found in possession of six luxury vehicles, ₹1.41 lakh in cash, seven mobile phones, and one tablet.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Shakti Avasthy disclosed that the arrested suspects, identified as Sanjay Dhingra (54), his wife Kanika Dhingra (55), and son Mayank Dhingra (27), residents of east Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, were multimillionaires allegedly involved in fraudulent activities by operating 30 shell companies to claim input tax credit fraudulently.

These activities are estimated to have caused a loss of ₹68.15 crore to the government, with a portion of the funds seized from their bank accounts. Avasthy further detailed that the suspects had evaded arrest for several months, frequently changing locations and hotels. They owned luxurious vehicles, including a Maserati, a Mercedes, and a BMW, and had recently ventured into real estate investments, owning properties in Karnal, Haryana, and a farmhouse in Chhatarpur, Delhi.

The suspects had purportedly been engaged in GST fraud for around four to five years, fabricating nine fraudulent companies and illicitly claiming ₹68 crore in input tax credit under the guise of a dairy business.

This operation is part of a larger crackdown initiated by the Noida police against a gang involved in orchestrating a multi-crore fraud by registering numerous bogus companies to generate e-way bills and obtain illicit input tax credit from the government.

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