Monday, August 10, 2020
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Germany proposes Tax on Meat, Eggs and Dairy in Light of Animal Welfare

By Najma Nazar -

In a mission to discourage people from destroying the animal habitat, Germany has proposed the imposition of tax on meat, egg, and dairy. As per the proposal, the meat will be taxed at 40 cents and milk, milk products and eggs at two cents per kilogram.

Germany is not the first to propose the idea of a meat tax. Lately, Denmark and Sweden have also been considering this.

The statistics say that billions of livestock are raised in factory farms, under cruel conditions. Other concerns supporting the proposal are that the consumption of the immense amount of food, water and energy and also the amount of methane produced. As per the UN report, it is high time that people switch to a more plant-based diet, both for the sake of earth as well one’s own health.

In opposition, many raised a concern that it would be a huge economic loss for the farmers. Another argument stated the impact the proposal will have on low-income communities. They will get denied a source of much-needed calories.

The additional revenue gathered will be spent on aiding farmers to cope with increased costs on running their farms.

As the climatic issues have to be urgently addressed and animal welfare has become a serious public issue, it is an idea worth considering.