GST Portal New Functionality: Changes in Table 14 and Table 15 added to GSTR-1

The GST Portal now features Table 14 and Table 15 added to GSTR-1
GST Portal - Functionality - GSTR-1 - TAXSCAN

From January 2024 onwards, the GSTN has incorporated two new sections in GSTR-1 to enhance reporting accuracy.

Table 14 now allows for the inclusion of details regarding taxable outward supplies made through e-commerce operators. Suppliers can provide specific information about such transactions in this table.

Similarly, Table 15 is designated for reporting taxable outward supplies falling under Section 9(5) of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, where the e-commerce operator is responsible for tax payment. Suppliers can now input relevant details in this table to ensure comprehensive reporting.

In the context of GSTR-3B, the revamped Table 3.1.1 focuses on supplies notified under Section 9(5) of the CGST Act, 2017. Both suppliers and e-commerce operators are required to separately document supplies for which the e-commerce operator bears the tax liability.

Unlike before, GSTR-1 lacked dedicated tables for reporting these specific transactions individually, leading to Table 3.1.1 in GSTR-3B remaining unfilled automatically.

However, with the introduction of Tables 14 and 15 in GSTR-1 from January 2024, suppliers and e-commerce operators can now accurately report supplies, facilitating the automatic population of Table 3.1.1 in GSTR-3B. This modification streamlines the reporting process and ensures precision in tax-related documentation for both suppliers and e-commerce operators.

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