GST Return Filing Reminder: Submit your GSTR-7 for January 2024 by February 10th deadline

The taxpayers who are required to deduct TDS under GST shall file GSTR-7 for January 2024 before 10th February 2024
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The deadline for the filing of Goods and Services Tax Returns -7 ( GSTR -7 ) for January 2024 approaches. The last date to file the GSTR-7 is 10th February 2024. The Central Board of Indirect taxes and Customs ( CBIC ) has remained the same through its social channels.

GSTR-7 is a return form specifically designed for taxpayers who are required to deduct TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) under GST. GSTR-7 can be filed online through the GST portal ( ) using appropriate login credentials. Taxpayers are advised to use the portal’s user manual and guidelines for smooth filing.

What is GSTR-7?

GSTR-7 is a monthly return filed by taxpayers who are required to deduct TDS under GST. It contains details of TDS deducted, TDS liability payable, TDS refund claimed ( if any ), and other related information.

Who needs to file GSTR-7?

Any person or entity who is required to deduct TDS under GST needs to file GSTR-7. This includes government departments, local authorities, and other specified entities as per GST regulations.

Key Components of GSTR-7:

  1. Details of the deductor ( i.e., the entity deducting TDS ).
  2. Details of the deductee ( i.e., the supplier from whom TDS is deducted ).
  3. Invoice-wise details of TDS deducted.
  4. Corrective action for any errors in previous returns, if applicable.
  5. Other relevant information as per GST guidelines.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

According to GST regulations, filing a GSTR-7 after the deadline or not at all may result in fines and interest. Non-compliance can also result in legal consequences and interruptions to corporate operations.

Remember that maintaining trust and credibility within the corporate environment depends on compliance, which extends beyond simple legal requirements. Make sure that your GSTR-7 is filed on time and prioritise GST compliance.

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