GSTN now enables the option to download GSTR-2B summary and 2B in detail

GSTN- GSTR-2B summary - GSTR2B - Taxscan

The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) has enabled the  option to download GSTR-2B summary and GSTR-2B in detail on the GST Portal.

The GSTR-2B is a new static month-wise auto-drafted statement for regular taxpayers introduced on the GST portal.

It provides eligible and ineligible Input Tax Credit (ITC) for each month, similar to GSTR-2A but remains constant for a period.

It is available to all the regular taxpayers. Every recipient can generate it on the basis of the GSTR-1, GSTR-5 and GSTR-6 furnished by their suppliers. The statement will clearly show document-wise details of ITC eligibility.

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