GSTR-9 Table 8A download now available for GST ITC Reconciliation

GSTR-9 Table 8A download is now available for ITC Reconciliation
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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Portal is now updated with the ability to download the Table 8A in Form GSTR-9 Annual Returns for simplified Input Tax Credit (ITC) reconciliation.

This is great news for taxpayers, stakeholders and professionals as it simplifies the process of reconciling Input Tax Credit (ITC) details while filing their GSTR-9 Annual Return. Here are some key points to remember:


Download started on December 11, 2023.

Applicable for the financial year 2022-2023.


Provides invoice-wise details of ITC.

Eases compliance burden for taxpayers.

Reduces the risk of errors and discrepancies.

Where to download:

Log in to the GST Portal.

Navigate to ‘Form GSTR-9 (Prepare Online)’.

Click on the button titled ‘Download Table 8A Document Details’.

The ITC details will be downloaded as an Excel file.

Automated integration of ITC data into this table occurs based on information from Tables 3 and 5 in Form GSTR-2A. This data, in turn, is extracted from monthly returns filed by the business entity’s suppliers using Form GSTR-1. Additionally, it encompasses tax credits allocated by non-resident suppliers through Form GSTR-5.

For user convenience, the GST portal provides the option to obtain a detailed breakdown of Table 8A data through an Excel file download. To access this feature, users can log in to their accounts, navigate to ‘Form GSTR-9 (Prepare Online)’, and select the ‘Download Table 8A Document Details’ button. Optimize your experience by seamlessly managing and accessing your tax information through these user-friendly functionalities.

The detailed information provided in the Excel file for Table 8A includes a breakdown of document-wise details encompassing B2B, B2BA, CDNR, and CDNRA. This information further contains the following key data points:

1. The reporting period of the document as indicated in Form GSTR-2A.

2. The filing date when the invoice was uploaded in the supplier’s GSTR-1 return.

3. Clear documentation of reasons if the invoice is not considered for inclusion in Table 8A data.

4. Display of the GSTIN of the e-commerce operator in cases where the purchase is conducted through such an operator. 5. Specification of the invoice type, such as ‘R’ for regular supplies, ‘SEZWP’ for SEZ supplies with payment of tax, ‘SEZWOP’ for SEZ supplies without payment of tax, and so forth

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