IGST Refund: CBIC extends Alternative Mechanism to Rectify Invoice Mismatch [Read Circular]

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In a great relief to tax payers, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has extended the alternative mechanism, enabling the exporters to rectify the mistakes in cases where IGST refund is stuck due to invoice mismatch, to 11th November 2018.

The circular issued in February provided the pre-requisites and precautions that need to be taken for successful processing of refund claims.

This facility would be available only for cases where Shipping Bills have been filed till 15.11.2018. However, exporters need to be cautious while filing details in Shipping Bill as a similar facility may not be available in future for the same mistake for referred shipping bill. Also, Customs Officers while processing claims using officer interface should exercise due diligence so that mistakes are not repeated again.

In order to claim the differential amount, the exporter is required to submit a duly filled and signed Revised Refund Request (RRR) annexed to this circular to the designated AC/DC A scanned copy of the RRR may also be mailed to dedicated email address of Customs locations from where exports took place. The designated/concerned AC/DC will then proceed to sanction the revised amount after due verification through the option provided in ICES, a detailed advisory on which will be communicated by DG Systems to all the System Managers shortly. Once the revised amount is approved by the designated AC/DC in the system, a fresh scroll will be available for generation for the differential amount only.

It was further said that only those SBs which have already been scrolled shall be available in this facility. Further, this facility can be used only once for each eligible SB to sanction the revised IGST amount. Thus, utmost care may be taken by the exporter while submitting the RRR as well as the sanctioning officer while sanctioning the revised amount as no further provision will be available for revising the refund sanction again.

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