Income from Rent out Business is ‘Profits & gains of business’ not ‘Income from House property’: Supreme Court [Read Judgment]

In a recent case between M/s. Rayala Corporation Pvt. Ltd vs. Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, the Supreme Court of India has declared that, Income which was arises from Rent out business should be taxed under the Head “Profits and gains of business or profession’ not ‘Income from House property.

The appellant-assessee, a private limited company, is having house property, which has been rented and the assessee is receiving income from the said property by way of rent.

The division bench comprising of Justice Anil R Dave and Justice L Nageshwar Rao has relied the case Chennai Properties and Investments Ltd. v. Commissioner of Income Tax [2015] 373 ITR 673 (SC) that if an assessee is having his house property and by way of business he is giving the property on rent and if he is receiving rent from the said property as his business income, the said income, even if in the nature of rent, should be treated as “Business Income” because the assessee is having a business of renting his property and the rent which he receives is in the nature of his business income.

While setting aside the Madras High Court Judgment, the division bench of Supreme Court observed that, “the rent should be the main source of income or the purpose for which the company is incorporated should be to earn income from rent, so as to make the rental income to be the income taxable under the head “Profits and Gains of Business or Profession”. It is an admitted fact in the instant case that the assessee company has only one business and that is of leasing its property and earning rent there from. Thus, even on the factual aspect, we do not find any substance in what has been submitted by the learned counsel appearing for the Revenue”.

“The judgment relied upon by the learned counsel appearing for the assessee squarely covers the facts of the case involved in the appeals. The business of the company is to lease its property and to earn rent and therefore, the income so earned should be treated as its business income”.

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