Income Tax Department Exposes Rs 500 Crore Tax Evasion in Gujarat-Based Real Estate Group

Utilising advanced surveillance techniques, the income tax authorities meticulously scoured through footage from 450 CCTV cameras, collaborating closely with local law enforcement over the course of a week
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The Indian income tax department has uncovered incriminating evidence linked to a massive Rs. 500 crore tax evasion scheme allegedly orchestrated by a Gujarat-based real estate group. Using innovative technological methods, tax authorities traced vital data and files related to black money transactions hidden in a nondescript room within a congested slum.

Through meticulous analysis of footage from 450 closed-circuit television ( CCTV ) cameras and close collaboration with local law enforcement, the authorities pinpointed the location of crucial evidence belonging to the Ladani Group, concealed behind the PGVCL main office on University Road.

Inside this inconspicuous setting, the group’s accountant and an accomplice were found to be hiding the illicitly obtained data. Despite an extensive search of 30 premises associated with the Ladani family earlier, authorities had failed to uncover vital documents related to the tax evasion scheme.

Further investigation, aided by CCTV footage analysis, revealed a confidante frequently visiting the obscure slum enclave behind the PGVCL office. This led to the discovery of a laptop and physical files containing details of the tax evasion operation, reported TOI.

The investigation also uncovered elaborate measures employed by the group to safeguard their activities, including rotating secret locations every four months and using unrelated acquaintances for storage. Mobile phone data tracing ultimately led to the recovery of Rs. 1.25 crore hidden in bags exchanged among family members.

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