Income Tax Dept may soon Launch Pre-filled IT Return Forms: CBDT

Income Tax return

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) may likely to launch a new Pre-filled Income Tax Return Forms for taxpayers, the CBDT Chief Sushil Chandra said.

The new move aims to ease the compliance burden of taxpayers and to reduce human interaction in the process of return filing.

According to the CBDT Chief, the Board is presently working on pre-filled forms which will be based on tax deducted at source details filed with the department by the employer or any other entity.

“You will be getting a pre-filled return form on which we are working because your TDS is with us. So, we are moving towards that direction,” he said.

We want to make it (processing of return form) very fast, maybe in a day or a week. That system is also under preparation and it may take a year or so. So that you get a pre-filled form, and you can justify that form is correct. We will accept it, he said.

He said that only 0.5 percent of cases had been taken up for scrutiny and even these cases have been selected by the computer system.

“There is no discretion (in selecting income tax-related cases). Our endeavor is to curtail the discretion of tax officials,” Chandra said.