Joint Commissioner of Commercial Tax Caught Red-Handed by Lokayukta Accepting Bribe of Rs. 25,000 in Belagavi

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In an anti-corruption operation, the Lokayukta Police have apprehended a Joint Commissioner of Commercial Tax, Dakshayani Choushetty, red-handed as she accepted a bribe. The incident unfolded in Belagavi, Karnataka, on Thursday, when the official was caught in the act of receiving a bribe of ₹25,000. The payment was made by Vikas Pramod Kokane, the manager of Vikas Composites, a private company.

The case centres around a ₹41,000 sum that Vikas Composites had paid in GST (Goods and Services Tax). The company had initially failed to furnish Form C, which is essential for State GST documentation, resulting in a seizure notice being served, along with a demand for ₹41,000 to rectify the situation.

Afterward, once the company had submitted the necessary Form C for State GST compliance, they sought the Joint Commissioner’s assistance in obtaining a reimbursement of the aforementioned ₹41,000. Shockingly, the Joint Commissioner demanded a bribe of ₹25,000 to facilitate the process, prompting the company’s manager to file an official complaint with the Lokayukta Police.

On the fateful Thursday, during the exchange of the bribe, Belagavi Lokayukta Police Inspector Niranjan Patil and his team moved swiftly to apprehend the accused Joint Commissioner. A case was registered, unveiling the corrupt activities within the Commercial Tax department. This incident underscores the relentless efforts of the Lokayukta Police to root out corruption in government offices and uphold the principles of transparency and integrity.

About Lokayukta

The Lokayukta is the Parliamentary Ombudsman in India. It is established by each of the State Governments of India to ensure accountability and transparency. It was first set up in Maharashtra in 1971.  The Lokayukta comes into existence in a state after the respective state Legislature passes the Lokayukta Act, and an individual with a strong reputation is appointed to this position.

This role is specifically designed to expeditiously address complaints related to the ethical conduct and efficiency of the government and its administrative personnel, which includes public servants. Once appointed, the Lokayukta enjoys security against dismissal or transfer by the government. The only way to remove a Lokayukta is by passing an impeachment motion in the state assembly. This safeguard makes the Lokayukta a formidable deterrent against corruption and ineffective governance within the system.

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