Kerala Allocates 16.8 Crores in Budget for State GST Dept for Awareness Campaigns and Infrastructure Development

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The Kerala State Budget 2024 has allotted 16.8 Crores in Budget for State Goods and Services Tax ( GST )  Department for Awareness Campaigns and Infrastructure Development. The Finance Minister K N Balagopal presented the budget on 5th February 2024.

The reorganization of the State Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) Department in Kerala stands as a trailblazer in the country. The transformative restructuring, implemented for the first time in India, has yielded commendable results in both tax collection and administration, state the Finance Minister.

By categorizing the department into three distinct segments, the state aims to enhance its capabilities in detecting tax evasion through the application of scientific and modern methodologies.

To fuel this modernization drive, a significant financial commitment has been made, with ₹3 crore earmarked for the fiscal year 2024-25. This allocation is specifically geared towards harnessing the power of Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) to streamline operations, enhance data management, and bolster the department’s technological capabilities.

By embracing modern technologies and tools, the GST Department aimed to not only detect tax evasion more effectively but also create a conducive environment for businesses to comply with tax regulations seamlessly.

An amount of ₹ 4 crore is earmarked in 2024-25 for general awareness programmes and capacity development related to goods and services tax. Also, an amount of ₹ 3 crore is earmarked for shifting SGST, Intelligence and Audit offices under the State GST Department to special buildings and for renovation of the existing buildings.

An amount of ₹ 6.80 crore is earmarked for the GST Department including ₹ 3.80 crore for the purchase of new vehicles, stated the minister during the speech.

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