MCA issues Instructions for filing E-Form for Voluntary Reporting CSR [Read Instruction]

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has issued the instructions for filing E-Form for voluntary reporting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In order to file a Form for voluntary reporting of CSR enter the Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the company, you may find CIN by entering the existing registration number or name of the company in the ‘Find CIN/GLN’ service at the MCA21 portal Click the “Pre-fill” button. The system will automatically display the name, registered office address, and email ID of the company. In case there is any change in the email ID, enter the new valid email ID.

As per the CSR Policy enter the DIN of the director responsible for the corporate policy. DIN entered should be an approved DIN. Click the “Pre-fill” button. The system will automatically display the name of such a director. Select the appropriate designation of the director System shall validate that in case period for which CSR is being reported (‘From date’ in field number 2) is on or after July 1, 2007, then DIN entered should be associated with the company as on date of filing the e-Form or at any time during the period for which CSR is being reported.

In case the details do not exist in the system, DIN of that person shall not be allowed to be entered. For such cases, the Company would need to ensure that Form DIN-3 or Form 32, as the case may be, has been filed in respect of that person.

Select the designation of the person digitally signing the e-Form. Enter the DIN in case the person digitally signing the e-Form is a director or managing director Enter income-tax PAN in case the person signing the e-Form is a manager. Enter membership number or income-tax PAN in case the person digitally signing the e-Form is a secretary.

It is noteworthy, when you click the pre fill button after entering the Corporate Identity Number in the e-Form, the name is displayed by the system. This button may appear more than once in an e-Form, and shall be required to be clicked for displaying the data pertaining to that field. You are required to be connected to the Internet for pre-filling.

Click the Attach button corresponding to the document you wish to attach. In case you wish to attach any other document, click the Optional Attachment button (Through Optional attachment, you can attach maximum five attachments).

You can view the attachments added to e-Form in the rectangle box provided next to the list of attachments. If the user wants to remove or delete any attachment, select the attachment to be removed and press the “Remove attachment” button.

Once the e-Form is filled up, click the Check Form button for form level validation, for example, to check whether all the mandatory fields have been filled or not. If an error is displayed, rectify the error and click the “Check Form” button again. When the form level validation is complete, the message, “Form level pre scrutiny is successful”, is displayed. The form level validation (Check Form) is done without being connected to the Internet.

The “Modify” button gets enabled after the check form is done. By clicking this button, you can make changes in the filled e-Form. The digital signatures, if already attached, shall be removed. Once you have changed the filled e-Form, click the Check Form button again.

The “Prescrutiny” button gets enabled once the check form is done. You are required to be connected to the Internet for pre scrutiny. On pre-scrutiny, the system level check is performed and if there are any errors, the same are displayed to the user. After correcting the pre scrutiny errors, attach the digital signature on the e-Form in the signature field.

Once the e-Form is pre scrutinised, filled and signed, it is ready for uploading on the MCA21 portal. Login to the MCA21 portal with your user ID and password for uploading the e-Form.

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