MCA re-constitutes Governing Council and Steering Committee of NFCSR [Read Order]

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( MCA ) has re-constituted Governing Council and Steering Committee of National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility ( NFCSR ).

The Ministry has also renamed the Advisory group as Governing Council.

The NFCSR will continue to be housed and managed by the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs ( IICA ).

The composition of Governing Council of NFCSR is as under:-

The Composition of Steering Committee of NFCSR is as under:-

The order issued by the MCA has also mentioned the terms of reference of Steering Committee are:

  1. To sensitize stakeholders on the importance of CSR and to facilitate exchange of experiences and ideas between corporate leaders, policy makers, regulators, law enforcing agencies, non-government organizations with a view to develop a framework for CSR domain and to provide a strong, independent, neutral and credible platform to Central and State Government, Local Authorities,.
  2. To facilitate in policy research, advisory, training, capacity building, monitoring, standard setting in the field of CSR.
  3. To publish and disseminate information about the objectives and achievements of the Foundations.
  4. To organize, conduct and/or participate in national and international conferences, seminars, workshops etc. for promoting the objectives of the Foundation.
  5. To plan and make the policies for strategic direction and setting up the foundation goals.
  6. To undertake any other activity as and when need arise and to formulate any other rules governing the functioning of the Foundation.
  7. To engage advisers, consultants and research scholars as per the regulations of the Foundations for all or any of the objectives of the foundation.
  8. To establish, equip, maintain and operate all administrative functions, directly or indirectly, as may be necessary for fulfilling the objects of the NFCSR (Foundation).
  9. To approve the budget estimates, if any
  10. To undertake any other activity towards the objectives of NFCSR

The tenure of the Steering Committee will be for three years from the date of its constitution. The Steering Committee shall meet at least four times in a year. The Chairman of the Committee has the discretion to co-opt other members as and when required. Such members may include representatives from Central Government, State Government, Local Government, Corporate, Civil Societies and other eminent person nominated by Chairman.

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