NDMC Announces to Geo-Tag all Properties in Delhi to ease Tax Collection within Jurisdiction

For the ease of property tax collection, the NMDC announces to geo-tag all the properties in Delhi within its zone
NDMC - New Delhi Municipal Council - Geo-Tag - TAXSCAN

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) announced that all properties under its jurisdiction will be geo-tagged in the financial year 2024-25 for the ease of property tax collection within its jurisdiction.

The geo-tagging initiative is expected to enhance property assessment accuracy, giving a clear picture of the type of property – commercial, non-commercial, self-occupied, rented, etc.

Recently, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) made geo-tagging of all properties mandatory to avail of property tax exemption. Property owners can geo-tag MCD property by downloading the mobile application Unified Mobile App (UMA) or visiting the official website at https://mcdonline.nic.in/mcdapp.html.

“In our 2024-25 budget, total spending is higher than our revised current year figures. The revenue is also higher than the revenue in the revised estimate, leading us to a surplus – a trend that the NDMC has been maintaining for the last few years,” NDMC chairman Amit Yadav said in his budget speech, attributing the increase in expenditure to the increase in purchasing power price and payment of wages and appointments 4 400 new employees.

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