Parimatch or Dream11 -Which is Better for Cricket

Parimatch - Dream11 - Better for Cricket - Cricket - Taxscan

Given the recent conditions where people prefer staying indoors, online gaming has seen an exponential rise. Online casinos, sports betting, as well as fantasy gaming are becoming extremely popular in India, especially with youngsters having more disposable incomes. Also, thanks to the strict anti-gambling laws of the country, there are no physical avenues for betting and gambling, and it is much safer to play online.

India being a cricket-loving nation, it is obvious that betting on cricket matches, as well as fantasy cricket, are two of the most popular ways of playing for Indian punters. And they have a wide range of options to choose from too, including Parimatch India and Dream11. Let’s find out which option is better.

Parimatch vs Dream11

One of the biggest differences that one needs to understand is that Parimatch online betting is a sports betting site, while Dream11 is a fantasy gaming platform. On Parimatch, a player needs to select a match from the vast number of options available, be it upcoming or ongoing matches, select a market to bet on, and decide the amount of wager he or she wants to play. The punters are essentially playing against the bookie, which in this case is Parimatch.

In fantasy cricket, one needs to form his or her own team for an upcoming match, selecting players from both the competing teams. Players are `purchased´ by paying their `Value´ determined by Dream11, and the teams need to be formed within a pre-set budget. Players can then take part in `tournaments´ with their team, and compete against other players by paying a certain fee. The prizes are usually given out from the pool of money generated by the entry fee, and Dream11 just acts as a `middleman´.

When it comes to the winnings, Dream11 is no match for the bookmaker, as there are usually very high pay-out limits on sportsbooks, but the prize pool of fantasy sports platforms is usually limited.

Also, while the gameplay on Dream11 is the same for all matches, selecting players and competing against fellow contestants, cricket betting on Parimatch is much more dynamic, thanks to a huge live betting market. Players can place bets on multiple markets during a single match, and increase their chances of winning considerably.

A drawback of Dream11 is that one can form a team and make changes only until the start of the game, and no changes are allowed after that. On Parimatch, live betting is a huge opportunity, and players can place bets throughout the duration of the match, be it on the result, or other markets.

One of the biggest advantages of playing on Parimatch is the ability to hedge your bets. Hedging a bet means you can place a wager on one team to win, and then place another wager backing the other team to win. This guarantees you a winning bet, irrespective of which team wins the match. Although hedging might eat into your profit a bit, it will still make sure that you walk away with some money at the end of the day. While there is no such opportunity on Dream11.

On the other hand, Dream11 has certain advantages too, like it’s easy even for novices to get started on the platform. It allows one to play free games, without spending any money, and hone your skills. This is not possible on Parimatch as you will have to spend money to play. Also, as the entry fees for each event are predetermined, you can limit your losses, while on a bad day, you can end up losing a substantial amount on Parimatch.


Both Parimatch and Dream11 are excellent to have some fun and having a shot at making some extra cash, and it wouldn’t hurt to try out both to see what suits you the best!