Motor Vehicle Taxes - Goa - Taxscan

Goa Govt proposes Revised Motor Vehicle Taxes

The state government of Goa has proposed few revisions in the Goa motor vehicle taxes. The latest changes in the tax rate At the time of registration of the new vehicle:   Motorcycle/Motorscooter/Auto rickshaw irrespective...

Budget 2020 - Expectation - Reality - Taxscan

BUDGET 2020: Expectations vs Reality

Here are a few predictions that did rounds before the presentation of the Union Budget 2020. We examine how these predictions have turned into actual facts. Expectations Reality TAX SLABS up to Rs. 5 lakh...

CGST Amendments - 16 Proposed - Budget 2020 - Finance Minister - - Taxscan

16 Proposed amendments to CGST in Union Budget 2020

The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday through the union Budget has proposed the following 16 amendments to the Central Goods and Service taxes (CGST) aiming to improve the scope and productivity of the tax...

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