Taxation on Online Gambling in India

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The new tax rules in India covering casino earnings are rather unclear, as are the broader gaming regulations. As things stand now, Indian gaming regulations in a few states provide for brick-and-mortar casinos. Just a single state has online casinos introduced, this means that it’s considerably easy to find the best casino in India. There is no specific mention of online gaming due to the old nature of online gambling regulations, meaning it is permissible for people to take part in it.

Taxes are generally implemented globally on casino winnings. The status of taxable income acts as an administrative tool. The figure has changed over the years as far as the real percentage is concerned. Tax regulations place a 30 percent tax rate on all casino winnings, lotteries, crossword puzzles, races, poker games and more (basically all sorts of gaming or betting). Offshore casino operators are required to deduct 30 percent tax while making awards to winners if winnings reach INR 10,000 (equivalent to GBP 115).

Offshore gaming legislation is difficult to impose by India tax rules, but players are required to declare their winnings in case taxes are not taken out of casino winnings. Failure to do this will contribute to responsible officials being punished. When a player does not declare their winnings for gaming, they are solely liable, not for the online casino operators they use.

Formal implementation of a standardized goods and services tax (GST) was rendered in April 2017. The revised strategy extends at both the federal and state levels of government, which was officially adopted in July 2017. It is an explicit tax for the country as a whole and expected to unify the world market. At the state level, royalties at gaming, betting and casino winnings are subsumed.

There are several levels in place for the GST system. Casinos and distributors with gaming are at the peak point — 28%. Government officials say it is only fair that casinos are part of the most lucrative tax category when entertainment and leisure taxes are combined under the GST with service tax. Currently, legal online casinos in India are not legally part of this class. There is a clause for “any other programs not explicitly listed,” and all other operations falling under this range are subject to a fee of 18 percent.

Since the GST is still young, and gaming rules governing online gambling are still unclear, the tax situation is also blurry. Online gamblers may prepare to lose any proportion of their winnings until they get their payout. India would have imposed a rate of 28 percent dependent on online casinos.