UAE Federal Tax Authority urges License Holders to Submit Corporate Tax Registration Applications by May 31

Federal Tax Authority Urges Prompt Corporate Tax Registration for Resident Juridical Persons
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The United Arab Emirates UAE – Federal Tax Authority ( FTA ) has issued a crucial reminder to resident juridical persons, falling under the purview of Corporate Tax regulations, to swiftly submit their Corporate Tax registration applications. This call extends specifically to entities with licenses issued in January and February, across any year, urging compliance by the deadline of 31 May 2024. The FTA’s advisory aims to prevent any inadvertent violation of tax statutes.

This announcement, made in a press release today, underscores the significance of adhering to the timeframes delineated in FTA Decision No.3 of 2024. Effective from 1 March 2024, this decision holds particular weight as it aligns with Cabinet Decision No. 10 of 2024, which imposes administrative penalties on entities failing to submit registration applications within the prescribed timelines. The penalties will be levied on those taxable persons who do not meet the requirements for Corporate Tax registration within the stipulated deadlines, as defined for each category of Corporate taxable persons.

The FTA has called upon all stakeholders involved in Corporate Tax implementation to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the law, complemented by the guidance available on the FTA’s website, including relevant decisions accessible via this link – FTA’s Official Website: Federal Tax Authority United Arab Emirates.

Emphasizing ease of access and efficiency, the FTA highlights that Corporate Tax registration is seamlessly facilitated through the Emara Tax digital tax services platform. This process, comprising four straightforward steps taking approximately 30 minutes to complete, is further streamlined for entities already registered for Value Added Tax ( VAT ) or Excise Tax.

Such entities can leverage their existing accounts on EmaraTax, effortlessly submit Corporate Tax registration requests, and furnish the requisite documentation. Successful registration entails the issuance of a Tax Registration Number (TRN) tailored for Corporate Tax purposes.

For entities new to the registration process or those not currently registered, the FTA has provided a user-friendly pathway via the Emara Tax platform accessible through the FTA’s e-Services portal at Federal Tax Authority. Users can create accounts using their email addresses and phone numbers, proceeding thereafter to initiate the registration process under the ‘Corporate Tax registration’ category.

Recognizing diverse needs and preferences, the FTA extends support through multiple Government Service Centres located across the UAE. These centers, staffed by trained professionals, offer electronic services adhering to rigorous government standards, ensuring a seamless and quality registration experience.

Upon completion of the application processes and validation of electronically entered data, applicants can expect FTA officers to review their submissions promptly. Successful applicants will receive their Tax Registration Number ( TRN ) via email, corresponding to the application submitted for Corporate Tax registration.

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