Vigilance nabs CTO & GST Officer in Puri, Odisha for Demand and Acceptance of Rs. 30k Bribery

The significant rise in corruption cases in the revenue department requires immediate intervention from the Authorities.
Vigilance - CTO - GST Officer - Puri - Vigilance nabs CTO & GST Officer in Puri - Odisha - taxscan

In a significant anti-corruption operation, vigilance authorities apprehended Manas Ranjan Behera, the Chief Tax Officer (CTO) & a GST Officer of the Enforcement Unit in Puri, while accepting a bribe of Rs. 30,000/- to expedite the release of a detained vehicle.

The arrest took place as Behera was caught red-handed receiving a sum of Rs 30,000 in front of Zilla School, Puri. The incident unfolded following a complaint from a victim who had already paid a GST penalty of Rs. 79,200 on March 19.

Despite this, Behera had withheld the release of the vehicle and insisted on an additional Rs. 30,000 as illegal gratification.

The victim, facing unwarranted delays and demands, approached the Vigilance Authority and shared the ordeal. Promptly responding to the complaint, vigilance officials orchestrated a successful sting operation, capturing Behera in the act of receiving the illicit bribe.

The entire bribe amount of Rs 30,000 was swiftly recovered from Behera’s possession and seized as evidence. Furthermore, simultaneous searches are underway at three locations associated with the accused officer, exploring potential financial irregularities from a Disproportionate Assets (DA) perspective.

The Vigilance Department has initiated legal proceedings under Section 7PC (Amendment) Act, 2018, in response to this egregious misconduct.

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