West Bengal Legislative Assembly passes Taxation, Excise Amendment Bills

The West Bengal Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill and Bengal Excise (Amendment) Bill were passed in the Assembly last day. The Bill aims at encouraging a business-friendly atmosphere in the state.

The salient features of the West Bengal Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill 2016 are the following;

  1. It seeks to omit provisions relating collection of tax on foreign liquor and country liquor sold at a per unit price which is in excess of the per unit market retail price of the same and on which tax to extent of markets retail price has already been paid.

  2. It amends the provisions relating to collection of sales tax on foreign liquor and country liquor only when additional excise duty on the said items have not been paid under the Bengal Excise act.

  3. The amendment inserts provision to bring under the settlement scheme in respect of cases for assessment periods upto the year 2013-2014, which are pending in appeal or revision as on the 30th September 2016.

The Bengal Excise (Amendment) Bill proposes that the alcohol fit for human consumption is subjected to both excise duty by the Excise directorate and sales tax under West Bengal sales Tax act 1994 by commercial Taxes directorate.