Maharashtra Custom Dept. mandates uploading of documents in e-Sanchit

Maharashtra Custom Dept - e-Sanchit - Taxscan

The Commissioner of Customs, Maharashtra notified that it is mandatory to upload the documents in e-Sanchit.

The Commissioner of Customs, Maharashtra has issued the notice in terms of the Board Circular No. 55/2020-Customs dated December 17, 2020, uploading of certain documents in e-Sanchit and declaring their IRN Numbers in the Bill of Entry will become mandatory for certain import items (CTHs) with effect from January 15, 2021.

As per the requirement of the office of the Drug Controller, for all items requiring regulatory clearance from CDRUG, it would be mandatory to upload the Label of Consignment on e-Sanchit and declare the IRN details in the Supp Docs Table of the Bill of Entry.

Also, the relevant document code with document name and an undertaking will also have to be declared mandatorily in the Statement Table of the Bill of Entry for all such CDRUG items. The undertaking is codified and only the statement type and statement code need to be declared in the BE.

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